Story Frames for Teaching Literacy: Enhancing Student Learning Through the Power of Storytelling teaches students to analyze stories like an author while boosting critical learning skills. The book comes with a full package of downloadable materials including sample storyboards and templates, 40+ handouts and worksheets, game cards, and slide decks to use in instruction. Explore the list of 30+ Sample Stories that are analyzed in this resource. Read the endorsements below.

“I use the Story Frames Basic Storyboard as visual cues to teach young students how to analyze simpler stories. Chapter 13 on Memoir has been useful when teaching 3rd and 4th graders personal narrative writing. I also like Chapter 10 on Poetry. It’s helpful in teaching literary language to students of all ages. Carolee’s book is a valuable resource for teaching literacy that would benefit teachers and students from elementary school to high school.”

Lillie Parto, Intervention Specialist Teacher

“Provides insight into how to teach narrative structure in a straightforward manner, making story elements concrete for students. This is the instructional support all teachers have been waiting for!”

-Darcy Dycha, M.Ed., Senior Project Manager, Children’s Learning Institute

Story Frames offers students a concrete and fun way to create stories. Using visual supports and the basic building blocks of stories, it makes it possible for all children to create stories others will enjoy reading.”

-Steve Graham, Ed.D., Regents and Warner Professor of Educational Leadership and Innovation, Arizona State University.